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Anyone ever use Tableau?

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Soooooo pretty! Just wondering if all this could also be done in excel? I have my hands full trying to wrap my head around vba and Access o_O I don't know if I have the intestinal fortitude to try yet ANOTHER software product...

But the pictures sure are pretty!
Funny you ask... I downloaded the free trial last week.

I've played around with it for a bit but it looks like some training is definitely needed.

I can definitely make most of the things Tableau can do, just Tableau allows you to have access to the source data much easier. Making updating and adjusting things a lot easier.

I would definitely love to learn Tableau though because I think it is going to be a well used program for business intelligence in the future.
Pretty to look at, lovely to hold, but if you download it they'll call / e-mail, etc., to get you to buy it. And it's amazingly not cheap.
I downloaded the trial too, but haven't had a chance to play with it. If life wasn't a finite resource I would LOURVE to learn everything. Unfortunately (or fortunately as the case may be ;P) I would like to sleep again...one day...

So Tableau allows for "ease of access" to the data source? Think it might be able to replace Access? I'm having a devil of a time with the learning curve which remains stubbornly NEGATIVE sloping, GGRRRRR!!!
Good evening Gungnir5

Access is a very good piece of database software....but it has one little flaw that tends to upset people, and that little flaw is it is CRAP, it has more flakes than a snow storm. I use it at work and after making a database and the forms and the reports and the inputs and the emails and the, and the, and the, you spend weeks, months chasing faults that where not there last time you opened the database, but breed in the back ground waiting to total screw up your day.

P.S. why do want to "lourve" a french museum
Montrey I am pleased you have had a laugh, something people do not do enough of,......but on a serious note, someone comes to this board asks a question and gets numerous reply's to give the answer or point in the right direction, and it WORKS day after day you open the spreadsheet and it WORKS and that's what people want....are you listening MICROSOFT

Hi, old dog!

I absolutely disagree with you about Access, it's a powerful database for both personal an SOHO uses. Just a few considerations:

a) build the data model setting right and strict table definitions (field types, length, etc.), keeping at list third normal form (3NF): constructing a database is rather serious than planning a workbook

b) set all available relations and use cascade updating and deleting to ensure data integrity

c) define queries to access data, not tables directly

d) validate input data on userforms before adding or updating recordsets

Data is for serious data hosting and processing and of course is far less user friendly than Excel, but they're intended for different purposes.

Give a look at this, as a kick-off:


Sir SirJB7

Good evening my friend, yes I was a bit flippant with my "flakie" comment........but I have made front end databases with Access with no problem, and by front end I mean without using VBA for Access, which is the devils work, simple front end is good, you can easily set up a basic database that works,......but once you want some thing a bit more "complicated" and you have to use the devils code, you are looking down a loaded barrel


Good evening for you too, my friend. Sorry not being so polite as you always are.

It's not so devil, and not so tricky, in Access everything is much predictable as it has less shortcuts or different paths than Excel, and there it relies part of it strength too.

Next time you face an issue, you do know the procedure:

a) get a couple of Carlsberg

b) start a topic here or email me

c) wait while I feed the neurons and irrigate the axons (they're beer fueled)

d) in the meanwhile you can trim the lawns, if you want

e) I don't know what would you get as result, but I'll surely love the process :)))

quote "I don't know what would you get as result, but I'll surely love the process :)))

Regards! " I would sit down and have a Carlsberg with you, and discus the meaning of life and all that, or try to understand the "Hitch Hikers Guide to Every Thing (Galaxy)" :)


But as Longman Editorial started saying when I was a child, First Things First, ...


So let me turn off the computer and go for another two pairs of Carlsberg...


PS: We can too try to understand Meat Loaf's song, Good Girls Go To Heaven But (remember there's always a but) Bad Girls Go Everywhere... and why not hitch-hiking?
@bobhc, @SirJB7 et al.

Hi guys, not quite on the topic of Tableau, but relevant to my situation nevertheless.

A case of Carlsberg on me if you can help me w learning A database ANY database to suit my needs which are rather simple. I ran out of cells in Excel. That's all. So onwards and upwards?

**Is it finally time for me to graduate from the Office Suite?**

...Kind of a scary thought, but the data master has spoken...

Access is slow and crashy and irritable. I tried Filemaker and it was faster, but to my Microsoft trained brain even more confusing.

My db (and by that I mean the table which resides relatively unmolested in Access) is a mere 40MB when I checked the sz in the original excel files. I MANUALLY update the xls file daily from a csv file I download (also MANUALLY) in order to append my Access table. Did I say MANUALLY? And from there I just need to manipulate the data from Daily, to Monthly, to Quarterly, to Annual bits in various flavors. Simple, right?

I am open to any and all suggestions to help me automate, aggregate and analyze my dataset! I am open to reasonable bribing and/or bartering!

Background: I'm an English major. I can't "code" anything. The last time I saw a command line I politely asked it to print "hello" and never stop.

@bobhc - I mispelled "lurve"

@ SirJB7 - Nice Meat Loaf reference! But (and there always is a but) "Good girls don't...but I do." - The Knack
Hi, Gungnir5!

First of all... did I read Carlsberg? For one case I don't know... but if you say two cases... well... I'm in!

Now something intriguing: I always wanted to see how an actual million rows worksheet performed in real life making real things, not just tests. Do you say you've run out of cells? I assume that you have more than 1048576 records which it'd be less insane than 16384 columns of fields in a table. How is the workbook structure, what kind of data (constants, formulas) do you have in the millionaire sheet, what operations do you perform over its data? Does it have sensitive data so as to consider uploading just for checking and digging into it?

Well, I was going to suggest Access 2010 but you discouraged me, that's not fair, so before saying SQL Server 2012 or a DB/2 on a mainframe, I have several questions/comments:

a) db size, 40 Mb, I run a 30 Mb at my former enterprise and worked fine until I began receiving an UDF (user defined function issue) that made workbook to recalculate (2 minutes) for each cell entry (here's the link with ambiguously resolved/unresolved topic I started about it: http://chandoo.org/forums/topic/udf-lose-their-value-until-ctr-alt-f9)... but focusing: how many tables do you have, of how many rows by how many columns?

b) if today you perform the update from a CSV manually, surely it can be done with a macro, and maybe even if the data is downloaded from a website (see this links as example: http://chandoo.org/forums/topic/macros-web-query-huge-headache-can-anyone-help-me http://chandoo.org/forums/topic/help-please-need-code-macro)

c) you push my English to nearly my extents (bartering, thanks Google), but I still prefer bribing... did you say three cases?


PS: The Knack, it sounds to me... (thanks again Google)... My Sharona!

PS2: Sorry to tell you, but in this forums the "but (and there always is a but)" is copyrighted to a joint venture between b(ut)ob(ut)hc and the abovesigned (http://chandoo.org/forums/topic/pop-up-message-box#post-22026)

PS3: Addendum to PS, it sounds to me... means that my parents told me about it, it was a hit when they were young :)
Good day Gungnir5

If the data is "clean" and is Access is not using VBA to import data for SQL servers and the database is not updating from outside again with VBA then I find it behaves its self, importing data, say from Excel via the ribbon is a breeze and Access behaves.

Bit......(copy write :))I have built complicated databases with user input forms and reports and queries and in my experience it is when you start to code the database that s@*&t happens.

I have learned under the guidance of some one who has been coding since the days when Microsoft ran on steam (I know at times it still feels like it does)and the one thing that gets us both banging heads on the desk is the ability for Access to move sub routines all on its own. This leads to hours of frustration the find and but right.

Open up a data base and enter some data and VBA throws a hisse fit.

Access reminds me of the old engineering saying "keep it simple stupid"
Hi, Gungnir5!

The same reminder as of those the old and new software world, saying the same.

Plus many extras like "if it works, don't touch it", "if you touched it, test it", "if you tested it, install it", "if you installed it, it won't work as in test mode, so repeat until...", "if it then works, user won't use it or will say he wanted another thing or will say it's more difficult".

I ought to disagree with b(ut)ob(ut)hc, so I still stick to my upwards comment:



PS: Even originated in the engineering world, Murphy's laws are also applicable to software world, in particular these one:

"Definition of Murphy's Law:

If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.

(Sometimes known as the 4th law of Thermodynamics)."

... and I would add:

"(aka as the 1st law of Programming)."
**sorry guys I'll have to get back to you one at a time. drowning in work/data**


lol! Yes, I have more than 1048576 rows, but only 13 columns. It's daily trading data, which intrigues me, but could be boring to others. And it's as "real life" as it gets! To me, there's nothing as exciting as the rockin' and rollin' world of the markets :) Learning how to analyse them is another story entirely!

The data are all constants, stored in a "flat file," no operations, publicly available data, that I would like to analyse for trends (haven't gotten that far since I can't even get it all into one place!)

I don't know what a millionaire sheet is...I failed the Google search test :(

a) My database w only one table is about 80Mb? since I have a few queries and a form or two, it balloons to 116Mbs. The forms take a LONG LONG time to load and crash a lot.

I exit out of all programs except for Access. I have an Intel dual core 2.54GHz, 4G Ram (3.45 usable), 32-bit OS, running Windows 7 Pro, and Office 2007.

Think I need more processing power or more RAM?

b) I'm sure the downloading process could be automated, unfortunately I don't know how to write macros :( like think the last time I tried, I didn't know how to ask excel to go to an ftp site. so I used a bulk downloader and got all the daily files, but then I didn't know how to ask excel how to open the workbook (using a "wildcard"?? maybe) without giving it the actual filename. And even if i was willing to do that each year has ~253 days. I would have had to copy/paste the same code 253 times?? because I don't know how to create a "loop." And supposing I did manage to figure that out, the xls has two sheets and the sheet I want has no date column and a sheet w consolidated date, but no dates is pretty useless to me :p

I understand this is all elementary stuff, and I totally WISH I had enuf time to sort it all out, but unfortunately I don't.

here is the site if you care to look at it: ftp[dot}cmegroup[dot]com/daily_volume

currently, I just manually manipulate the data in excel, getting it uniform so that I can go into Access to import it into my data. In order to analyse the data I go back to excel and "connect" back to my Access table or query to get it into a pivot table.

It's totally inefficient, but it's the best I could come up w alone. I'm totally self-taught :) Amazingly enuf, English majors don't use excel/access a lot. I think I used wordperfect throughout uni! I'll check out your links later today!

And I have aspirations of learning Matlab!! but have to learn how to walk before I run, eh?

PS> OMG! you make me feel OLD! you asked your parents! *palm/face*

PPS> THREE cases of Carlsberg!! that's a 200% mark-up! where/when do you live? Even Venezuela's rate of inflation is south of 30%...you must live in Weinmar Germany! hehe

any all help is appreciated! just knowing that there are answers out there makes me happy!
Hi, Gungnir5!

** you're forgiven, but just only this time

a) source data

- 1E6+ x 13, 80 Mb table: 80 Mb per day or in total?

- if per day, links to the accumulated file and to the daily downloadable

- if in total, link to the daily downloadable only

(indicate proper table if more than 1)

- obviously that a i7-3920 Extreme Processor with 16 or 32 Gb RAM would be better, but if Windows 7 64 bits, otherwise just 3.X Gb will only be used

- actually when you had the solution implemented, if the response time becomes delivery time, then you'll have a guideline for changing hardware

b) download

- if you checked the files within the links, you'll find examples of automatic downloading

- oh, now I see the link, let me give a look at the files (omit previous links asked for)

- link to the Access file? (see second green sticky post for uploading directives)

- process to transform the A1:H37 range from downloaded files to that smooth and clean 13 field's record? manual steps, macros, etc.?

- MatLab & Excel/Access run by different lanes, none is prerequisite for others

PS) Ageing vs. vintage

- sorry, my mistake, I didn't asked my parents... instead my grandpas & grandmas :)

PPS) engine fuel

- FOUR cases or Carlsberg? did you read FIVE cases? why should I way SIX cases? ... (go on or enough yet?)

- hopefully I lived in Weinmar in the 20's/30's... no computers... ahhh... :=)

- not exactly in Venezuela, but where's worse? at least they don' have to import oil as we do reverting tendency of ...always! (click on my nick to see profile)


PS: BTW, this is just for fun and joy, isn't it? If not, I should talk to b(ut)ob(ut)hc when he returns from the OO.GG. and talk about the percentage... I'm not sure if it should be 35 1/4 or 35 3/8...
Yes, I have used tableau it is a 'rapid-fire' business intelligence! It's an easy-to-use, browser-based analytics and data visualization tool that is accessible to
anyone who wants to know more about their data. At a fraction of the cost of traditional business intelligence software.
Further, For the detail knowledge of tableau arcitecture you can go through this free online tutorial which is really well prepared with clear presentations, good
speakers :-
Tableau is, of course, the best data visualization tool of high repute in different domains, industries, and sectors. Most organizations make use of Tableau to properly analyze and visualize their data. Most data analysts, business intelligence professionals, and data scientists use it in day-to-day activities toward making data-driven decisions. From small to large businesses, it brings smart dashboards, reports, and interactive visualizations that give clear insights for making spot-on decisions.
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