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What formula can be use for giving note?


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Hi Experts,

I have an excel table which I want to put the note in the table column based on order of the size for the display.
For example, the size for the display should starting from size 41, if there is no size 41, then display size 42. So the note need to put in the specific product that has size to display. And the note column should be appear only 1 for product based on the size that has order. Please see attached file for the details

Please note that I want to give the Note in Column E (Note)

Thank you!


  • Product.xlsx
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In the attached, see columns E to I
Column E: Your desired results, as you left them.
Column F: A plain formula that should work even in older versions of Excel (although this might need to be array-entered with Ctrl+Shift+Enter instead of just plain Enter).
Column G: a column only for the development/creation of a Lambda named formula in column H… (this column G is not needed, for info only)
Column H: the myDisplay named lambda function, with hints as to what goes where:

Column I: the same as column H but with the preferred sizes, in order, hard coded into the formula {41;42;40;39;43} instead of using the range I3:I7

Use whichever column works best for you! I haven't tried to streamline the formula, it's just what first worked as I developed it.

ps. If the order of the columns is always as your data, with them all being together (contiguous), we could tweak the formula so that instead of
you could enter:
as a single block.


  • Chandoo55513Product.xlsx
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