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One space or two after full stop?


Many moons ago when learnt to type we were taught to leave two spaces after a full stop. Times have changed. When typing in excel should I be putting only one space after my full stops?
Good day Lymm

Not sure as to why you would use two spaces but the convention here has always been one space, just enough to separate the sentences to make it easier on the eye and to highlight the structure of the paragraph.

You are correct.

Typographically, Word automatically increases the space width of spaces following a full stop.

I don't believe that is the case in Excel

Why not try both on two lines in Excel

Print them out and see what you get?

Then report back here,so we will all know
OK, thanks. I will try switching to one and see how they go. Have a few sheets with text to deal with this week. Will have to retrain the fingers :)