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Multiplication Table with minimal typing


Fill in the empty multiplication table under the following constraints:
  • only one cell can be filled using the keyboard
  • all other cells must be filled using the mouse only


  • Multiplication Table.xlsx
    16.2 KB · Views: 37
Select P2:AA13
=ROW(1:12)*COLUMN(A1:L1) Ctrl+Shift+Enter

=(ROW(2:13)-1)*(COLUMN(P1:AA1)-15) Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Hi ,

If the real constraint is one of minimal typing , then what Asheesh has posted must be correct :

1. In cell P2 , type in =$O2*P$1 and press CTRL ENTER so that the cursor remains in the cell.

2. Drag the cell to the right using the mouse.

3. Drag the range down using the mouse.

Of course , if the mouse is used for entering the cell references , that will reduce the typing even more.