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Investment Account Gains and Losses


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I'm working on a file that tracks 5 different investment accounts for a college foundation. However, here's the kicker, each investment account has several scholarship funds in the account.

What's the simplest way to figure out how each scholarship fund has done over the year. So I will need it to proportionally spread the gains and losses of the investment account to each of the scholarship funds each month but also be able to figure in deposits and withdrawals to and from that scholarship fund throughout the year as well. And then be able to figure out the cost of the scholarship fund throughout the year.

And then of course, I would like to graph it eventually.

Are You sure that You've read well from:
especially How to get the Best Results at Chandoo.org?
... eg For the best/fastest results....
Without it - other has a lot of challenges to figure - what?
You should be ready to change ... everything.
Attached is my file. I have several pages to it. I'm trying to find the best way to get to my final destination.

Thank you!


  • Copy Investment Fund Balance Sheet.xlsb.xlsm
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For me, there has used functions, which my Excel-version cannot use.
Question: Why there are many times used same layout?

If Your #1 reply explains very clear all You needs, then You'll get replies.

First off, thank you for a response. The version of Excel I'm using is 365.

When I first started this, I wasn't sure what was the best way to do this, so I did different sheets for each investment account. As each investment account has different a different investment strategy so the fees and change in value are different for each account. But the more I go through and work on this, I think that I might be better off trying to consolidate it into one.

This has been a project that has definitely helped me dive deeper into Excel.
I deleted some sheets; duplicates layouts.
You should know, if those are Your used data-sheets.
Next, You should able to figure Your needed layouts without any formulas.


  • Investment_Fund_Balance.xlsb
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