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Dynamic color bar chart


New Member
Hi all,
I have a chart with different colors and descending order. (Asia = Yellow, Australia = Orange, America = Gray ...).
For example if Asia become 4th rank, the color bar for Asia is still Yellow, not become Blue. And I want the chart still in descending order.
How to make it in dynamic, not manually. Thanks before.

Send a sample Excel-file which has Your chart with needed data; pictures are challenge to test.
Have You used fixed colors ... or automatic?
I want the colors are fixed. Attached the file.


  • chart color dinamic ask.xlsx
    15.2 KB · Views: 3
Something like this?
Below 'Colors' are colors per text
Table has Your data.
You can eg sort Your data per rank-column and color will be stay same...


  • chart color dinamic ask.xlsb
    21.8 KB · Views: 10
Thank you very much Vietm, the key point is we have to re-rank our data when its' changes, and the chart will be shown in the right order (of course after we have made the rule for the colors).
This sample will notice Your the point too.
... what do You mean something about the rule?
... You can set colors in range D4:D8


  • chart color dinamic ask.xlsb
    23.8 KB · Views: 10