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Departmentwise Powerpoint Presentation files from a commom Database in Excel

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Hi Experts..

I had posted this in another forum as a question, reposting here ..

I am new in this forum. I require to generate Department Wise Powper Point presentations on the basis of Departments. Pls see if anyone can help..

Enclosed please find

1. Excel Data base - First Sheet is Main Database... followed by sheets for Slide 1, Slide 2, Slide 3.. These slide sheets are generated on the basis of Main Database. Sample output ppt.
2. I prepare Ppt mannually for each department e.g. Sales A, Sales B etc..
3. This is a Sample data base but acutal database runs over for 30-35 departments with almost 12-14 slides for each one of them for every month
4. It would be of great help if we could automate the geration of Power Point files for each deparment with file name as SalesA.ppt, SalesB.ppt etc. with their respective data.




  • Sales A - Copy.xls.zip
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