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Copy data from excels stored in specific location

Prakash M

New Member

See attached excel which is my master file. There are total 16 columns into this excel.

There will be a folder on my system named as "Output", into which I'll be storing the excel files each month, which I need to copy to my master excel file (specific columns).

Each month the number of excel files may vary.

Say this month, there are 15 excel files received, which is kept into Output folder. I want to run to Macro to open each file and copy specific columns names (say columns Country, Product, Units Sold, Profit and Year).

Once all the required columns are copied from all the excel files stored in Output folder, I'll removing those excel files.

And for instance, in next month, if I store 20 files into Output folder, all the specific column data should get copied from all this 20 files.

Note: do not delete existing data from the Master file. Each month when we run the Macro, copy the data from the last empty row.

Please advise. Thanks!

I've also posted this at below forum:


  • Copy Data from a folder.xlsx
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Hi, as it depends on the missing source data attachment,​
on where should be located the VBA procedure as your main workbook can not contain any code,​
if previous data shoukd be removed, and so on, just well elaborate at least your need in order there is nothing to guess​
with some well representative source data workbooks (one per specific columns layout) …​