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Allocation Query


New Member
Hi Annaya,
Hope your doing Good.

My query is I have mentioned last 3 months Vendor details now this month I want to allocate to different vendors and my Requirement is last 3 months Vendors shouldn't get the repeated allocation. Is this possible to do in Excel using formula or through VBA.

Expecting a positive Update.

Kind Regards
Your Brother !!


  • Rough.xlsx
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You gave some freedom ...
I moved those G ... I -columns is other order.
#1 Select the 1st rows the 1st empty cell
#2 Press [ Do It ]-button
#3 Wait until 'animation' runs
#4 If You want to reallocate - then start from #1
#5 You can apply that Month value as You want.
( That 'animation' can take away if needed. )
You've allocated some tasks to #N/A.
In this sample, those are as any others You've allocated.


  • Rough.xlsb
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