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AI killed Excel?


AI seems to do a lot more than just excel to even coding despite being a bit difficult.
But even for forums I usually ask AI which I reads up on articles on various ways to present a persons specific question. Well the last few times I asked a question here it didn't get answered so lately I rely on AI to give me the answers in the way I want. But now it gives the entire formula.
The bad is many will start to forget excel when thy rely on on AI too much. But for more advanced it might not be good enough and the issue is many will forget and later we might see issues or maybe AI will just advance more.
A tweet talks about it in various ways.

AI is good but also bad since it presents itself as helpful and when people rely on it too much then they will push wrong views which will restrict people from the internet in what is or isn't approved material which would limit some freedom. So if one didn't agree with a certain medical procedure or certain view and they can not get support when the info is not seen online or restricted then most will just rely on AI in what is truth despite it shows its had been wrong many times on issues.
AI is only as good as the creator which many are wrong.
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About Your Well the last few times I asked a question here it didn't get answered
Did You follow as written in Forum Rules part: How to get the Best Results at Chandoo.org?
If You did so, then You should sell it - it's You, who is interesting it.

AI ... is like solving cases with copy & paste without thinking or learning something?